New SPZero76 Street Art “Love…At First Sight” In Shoreditch

Just over a week ago Bristol based Street Artist and Lost Souls Crew member SPZero76 was down in London for the day and took the time to hit up this delightful work in Shoreditch entitled “Love…At First Sight”, in Shoreditch. It’s always a pleasure to get to see work from SPZero76, something we would love to see more London way and this latest piece is no exception. The work features a fun-fueled surreal scene that is very distinctly SPZero76, depicting a rampaging angry donut character being chased by a police officer figure with a gun for ahead, who is very much instantaneously in love with the donut of his dreams. All round a great work that is just pure SPZero76, and one that very much brings a smile to our face each time we have passed it this last week. This work can be found on Great Eastern Street, Shorditch.






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