New Elle Street Art In Brick Lane

On Sunday London was fortunate enough to receive a whistle-stop visit from New York Street Artist Elle, who is currently over ahead of her part in the ‘XX: A Moment In Time’ group show at the Saatchi Gallery, and utilized her brief visit to hit up a fantastic work in Hanbury Street, Brick Lane. Elle is certainly an interesting artist, practicing in a diverse range of multi-media styles on the street, including: spray paint, rollers, markers & silkscreens and acrylics, to create a range of tags, murals, paste-ups, sculptures and AD replacements. For her fresh work in Hanbury Street Elle fuses dynamics from collage, abstract and surreal subjects in her painting of what appears to be a group of ‘she-wolves’, human and dog, howling into the London night. Certainly a captivating an interesting piece, one you really need to have a good look at to fully take in all the overlapping visual elements.

The ‘XX: A Moment In Time’ all female group show is curated by OllyStudio in association with Urban Nation Berlin at the Saatchi Gallery, and opens tonight.







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