New Vibes, Pref ID & Gent 48 Graffiti In Shoreditch

Last Thursday the large set of newer hoardings along Great Eastern Street played canvas to a trio of Graffiti works from Vibes, Pref ID & Gent 48, who all in turn laid out something very different from one another. With Vibes setting to create some of his distinctive funky letter work, Pref ID working with his trademark integrated and layered words, takes a moment to grasp the full level of skill and messages in his works, and Gent 48 laying out one of his superb zombie like portraits that are very much his own.


Vibes, Pref ID & Gent 48 at work.


Vibes at work.


Pref ID at work.


Gent 48 at work.


The finished works.


Work by Vibes, with some letter work that is very much classic Vibes.


Detail of work by Vibes.


‘Say Hi From Me’ by Pref ID, an exceptional and well structured piece of muiti-layered and integrated words from Pref, very much with a style of his own.


Detail of work by Pref ID.


Superb character work by Gent 48, yet again an artist very much with his own distinct approach to Street Art, always a pleasure to catch work from Gent 48 in London.


Detail of work by Gent 48.


Works by Pref ID & Gent 48.


Rooftop view of  works by Vibes &  Pref ID.

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