WRDSMTH Hits London

Well that is it for now with for our reviews taking a look back at 2015, however we have one last post pertaining to work from 2015 to share, relating to a visit from US Street Artist WRDSMTH, who over the Christmas weekend visited London and left us with a lovely and inspiring set of works placed up around Westminster and Brick Lane.

Unsurprisingly WRSMTH is by profession a writer, based in LA. He is a published writer and works on tv scripts and writing for documentaries. So with this in mind it is no wonder that his contribution to Street Art is to utilize his talent for writing as a creative outlet. Inspired by the Street Art scene upon moving to LA and initally planning to work in the medium of stickers, WRDSMTH then opted for to create his trademark typewriter stencil and to make the script a piece of paper wheat-pasted above, which in turn is the heart of WRDSMTH’s works. Offering a range of statements from humorous witticisms to touching messages of hope, love and freedom, these works do just make you smile upon observing.

It’s always a delight to have to go somewhere off the beaten track to find Street Art, as was the case with his series of paste-ups on telephone boxes around Westminster and Covent Garden. We didn’t find all of these works around here, as he placed them up on the quiet days over Christmas and several of the pieces have already been removed by the council. Additionally we have seen some Street Art in fancy places now, such as St. Pauls Cathedral and the Tate Modern, but Parliament Square has to be the most prestigious accomplishment we have seen so far. We have four of the works placed around Westminster and Covent Garden, as well as six works placed up around Brick Lane, which are still currently viewable, including two delightful collaborations with paste-up artist C3.



Work in Parliament Square.



Work around Covent Garden.



Work around Covent Garden/Seven Dials.


Work around Covent Garden.



Lovely collaboration work with C3 in Calvin Street, Brick Lane. C3’s soulful paste-up character really compliments the fundamentally British senitment in WRDSMTH’s work.


Collaboration work with C3 in Fournier Street.


Work in Grimsby Street, with C3 to the right.


Work in Star Yard. Have to respect the honest here.


Work in Fashion Street.


Work in Quaker Street. We love this one.


Work in Buxton Street from a previous visit but still intact to see.

4 comments on “WRDSMTH Hits London

  1. Well tracked down…. I snapped the first one on the wall in the rain and the telephone box by the Seven Dials. Very clever is Mr WRDSMTH and always make me smile with his type of HMR

    • Haha well said Mitch, his work is refreshing, different and certainly uplifting. We enjoyed his visit, it is just a shame that many of his Westminster pieces relieved such a short lifespan.

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