Broken Fingaz’s Unga Hits London

Last week in London, Street Artist and member of the Broken Fingaz Crew, Unga was on a whistle-stop visit of London were he laid out a trio of works in the process. Hailing from Israel the Broken Fingaz Crew consists of Deso, Kip, Tant and Unga and have been active since 2001. Painting with their own distinct illustrative characters, on many occasions these guys can be somewhat risque and outrageous in the mural works, with some pieces painted in London in the past, not lasting long before being buffed out.

On his recent flyby visit, Unga wasn’t as outrageous as some previous works have been and put up a piece entitled ‘Falling Heads’ in Denmark Street, Soho, depicting a rather surreal scene of floating cut off heads, in a minimalist colour palette which is typical of Broken Fingaz works. In addition to this work in Soho we have also sighted 2 quick throw-up pieces in Hackney Wick, which is very much Broken Fingaz.


‘Falling Heads’ in Denmark Street, Soho, with support from the Howard Griffin Gallery.




‘Screaming Finga’ in Hackney Wick, says it all.



Work in Hackney Wick.



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