Greek Street Artist Reb MWC Hits London


Over the last week London has played host to Greek Street Artist Reb MWC​ of whom we have seen some three works from in Camden Town and Stockwell. As an artist Reb works in and out of the studio, with Graffiti writers and other artists in a range of crafts, including Graffiti, magazine publishing, textiles, tattoos and photography. However right now it is the trio of works from him in London that we are interested in, each of which has slight change of tone about them, whilst retaining the calm and painterly style prevalent in all the pieces. The first two works, both in Camden Town were put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.



Work in Camden Town at the back of the Electric Ballroom in Kentish Town Road.



Work alongside Irony & Candie on Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town. A really nice trio of works on this hoarding.



Work in the Stockwell Hall of Fame and our favourite of the three works we have seen. It has a real dreamlike innocence about it which is enhanced by the watercolour effect of the paint.


Work alongside work from Sterling at the Stockwell Hall of Fame.

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