New Zabou Works In East London – December 2015

Well it’s been an incredible three months since we provided our last update on recent works from Zabou, one of London’s most prolific Street Artists, which is why it’s surprising that it has been so long since we last saw fresh work from Zabou about town. However over the last week the creative stencil-based artist has been about London’s East End, her primary hunting ground, laying out her two newest pieces, firstly in Homerton and secondly in Bethnal Green. Few artists have been as consistently active throughout 2015 as Zabou and its certainly been a great year of output from her, so enjoy her two latest creations below.


‘The Climber’ – Work on the premises of the Kenton Pub in Kenton Road, Homerton. Yet again a great piece that very much utilizes and immerses itself in its immediate surroundings, on this occasion with a theme that is quite prevalent with Zabou’s subjects, namely that of miscreants and vandals up to no good. In this case with a hooded figure scaling the wall as if set to break into the premises or fleeing from the police.




‘Dirty!’ – Fantastic work in Bethnal Green which takes as its subject the very element with which most Street Art is constructed, namely by hand with the aid of a spray can. It is also interesting to see some additional colours in the piece, adding some contrast to her distinct grey-scale stencils.


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