New Waleska Nomura ‘Spreading The Love’ Mural In Shoreditch For ‘Colour The Capital’ Project

A couple of weeks back saw the creation of a fresh large-scale mural, created over three to four days by Brazilian born, but London based, Street Artist Waleska Nomura, on the premises of the Red Gallery in Rivington Street. The piece depicting a large-scale heart filled with flowers is entitled aptly ‘Spreading The Love’ and that’s certainly what this bright and heart-warming piece offers, an overwhelming sense of positive energy, that really does bring a message of love and togetherness to Shoreditch.

This wall was created as part of the ‘Colour The Capital’ project from the Forest Recycling Project, who are set to brighten up run down community spaces with a series of nine Street Art murals around East London. This is the seventh large scale mural in the project and we have caught a few so far with the first work being created in Dalston by Pixel Pancho (covered here), the second pair of works In Bethnal Green with a collaboration by SPZero76, Captain Kris, Squirl, Tony Boy & The Real Dill (covered here) alongside a mural by Brazilian trio Bailon, Sliks & Cranio. The fourth wall created by Hunto in Walthamstow (covered here) and the sixth wall created by ATM (covered here) and finally thus far the seventh wall created by Louis Masai in Walthamstow (covered here).


Waleska Nomura starting of the finer detail of this mural.


Work-in-progress from Waleska Nomura.


Work-in-progress from Waleska Nomura.


Work-in-progress from Waleska Nomura.


Work-in-progress from Waleska Nomura, towards the end of several days work.


The finished piece as seen from outside the Red Gallery.




Detail of the mural.


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