New Acaro Street Art Around London

Over the last few weeks London has played host to several Mexican Street Artists, primarily as a result of the MXUK2015 tour, which saw some seven artists arrive in London to paint their wonderful works around London. One of the highlights of this initiative has been witnessing the works of Acaro, who is based in Monterrey, Mexico and works in a beautiful black and white style creating animal characters which  in style are reminiscent of fellow Street Artists Roa, Herakut, and Phlegm. Acaro’s works have a somewhat haunting quality, with his creatures on this trip all being focused on birds, that appear dead, but are very much alive, engaging in actions of combat or flight.


Work by Acaro in King John Court, Shoreditch.




Rooftop view of a fantastic collaboration between Acaro & Libre Hem, in Camden Town. This is certainly one of the highlights from the MXUK2015 tour.






Detail of work by Libre HEM.


Detail of work by Acaro.



Detail of work by Libre HEM.


Detail of work by Acaro.


 A superb black and white collaboration between Acaro & Mazatl in Hackney Road.




Detail of work by Mazatl.


Detail of work by Acaro.

5 comments on “New Acaro Street Art Around London

  1. Your swooping bird by Acaro was painted on the 24 October 2015. I can also tell you that this was his first artwork on the streets of London. I know this because I I spoke to him as he was working on his stunnnning bird. I was very pleased I got to snap him working away as the light was just starting to fade and there was light drizzle descending!!!! Really nice to see that you have featured his artwork.

    • Hey Mitch, cheers for the info, we caught this the day after it went up and when we can we always put the works up with the first piece at top. Agreed his work is superb and we hope he returns soon!

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