New Run Street Art In Peckham

We are a couple of weeks behind on this piece, as it has taken us a while to get over to Peckham, but about two weeks ago Italian Street Artist Giacomo Bufarini, aka Run, hit up his latest London mural, infused with his own sense of surreal style, that is just pure Run. The work has been placed up in Mission Place on the side of a charitable food bank, just off of Peckham High Street, which explains the inclusion of fruit running along the bottom of the piece, which otherwise is punctuated with Run’s trademark surreal faces, with the dominant yellow face on the left, infused with organic overtones, and two side profile white faces, looking to the sky. This marks the second London work from Run this year, with a piece placed up along Crossrail developments in Custom House E16 (covered here). Also this work may be a little bit off of the regular beaten track for fresh Street Art, but certainly worth the effort to visit should you be about London.








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