New Mr Cenz Street Art In Brick Lane

Over Monday & Tuesday in Fashion Street, just off of Brick Lane, Street Artist Mr Cenz was at work laying out his newest work, replacing a work of his which had stood in the same location for some eighteen or so months. This is now the fourth wall on which Mr Cenz has replaced one of his existing works of late, all a year or so old, and in the process you can really see how Mr Cenz’s characters have developed in the last year or so, taking on a more translucent and celestial presence in their depiction and execution. It really is impressive how Mr Cenz continues to improve his works and this piece is no exception, set to a predominantly purple colour palette, the slightly deconstructed sci-fi fueled portrait accompanied by the abstract and fluid surroundings is a truely striking piece and well worth the visit if you can make it along.


Work-in-progress early on Monday.


Mr Cenz at work early on in the process on Monday.


The stunning finished work.






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