New Core246 & Kaes Collaboration Graffiti In Shoreditch

Yesterday in Shoreditch, along the hoardings on Great Eastern Street, Ghost Writers members and Graffiti Writers Core246 & Kaes hit up this stunning piece of work ahead of performances’ from artist Ayakamay, the inspiration for the work, at the Red Gallery over the coming days. Ayakamay is a Japanese American performance artist, whose work sets to explore the interrelationship between photography and performance, combining image-making with fantastically constructed but intimate live experiences. Ayakama simultaneously appropriates traditional Japanese cultural aesthetics and creates a dialogue with contemporary American urbanity and femininity, setting to create a hybrid cultural identity reflected in her practice as fantasy and reality submersed.

This series of dichotomies reflected in Ayakamay’s art has been skillfully illustrated in this work from Kaes & Core246, whilst both maintaining their own reflective styles, through the double imaged face work at the centre of the piece. We have to say that while we aren’t really as focused or orientated around Graffiti here at London Calling Blog, we do however very much admire and appreciate the output from both of these artists, individually or working as a pair. Their work is often diverse, creative and displays a broad range of styles and often alongside their typography work they incorporate superb landscape scenes and highly detailed characters. Additionally in conjunction with this, Ghost Writers duo Core246 & Kaes will be painting a huge multi-storey mural on the premises of the Red Gallery in Old Street over the coming week.


Core246 & Kaes at work yesterday afternoon on Great Eastern Street.


The model and inspiration for the piece, Japanese-American performance artist Ayakamay.


The stunning finished piece of Graffiti, incorporating both of the artists respective talents and styles.



Love the detail and composition in the central character work for this piece, depicting a realistic centre created by Core246, surrounded by Kaes’ distinctive colourful character work, providing the outer-shell. 





Ayakamay, Kaes and Core246 standing triumphant and proud with their finished days work.

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