New Dan Kitchener Street Art In Brick Lane

Well it’s only fair to say that London has been very lucky over the last few weeks with Saturday bringing Street Artist Dan Kitchener back out in order to lay out his third and fourth fresh works on London’s streets, on this occasion on and around Brick Lane. Both works were in Dan Kitchener’s distinctive and incredible ‘Liquid Lights’ styling, with the first being placed up along Heneage Street on the gates for the 5th Base Gallery and the second work placed up on a door panel along Brick Lane. It was interesting on both counts to witness Dank working on smaller scales than the walls and surfaces he usually works on. The highlight of the day watching Dank work was certainly seeing him create what is the smallest piece of his, which we here at London Calling Blog have seen to date, almost entirely by Posca pen, seemingly sketching the piece in his trademark fluid style.

Needless to say we adore Dan’s works, especially his ‘Liquid Lights’ scenes, so any day where we get to see not one, but two pieces created is certainly a treat for us. We love seeing the interesting manner in which Dan creates his pieces, meticulous in his work, he builds up the piece applying the spray paint in a series of direct solid bursts as well as adding the many layers of colour in a more loose, fluid and energetic manner. His compositions create a beautiful focus on light, shadow and perspective to make the mundane and in some cases miserable scenes he regularly focuses on, look beautiful.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener adding the finishing touches to the lovely piece.


The superb finished piece, put up with support from the 5th Base Gallery, just off of Heneage Street.








Dank starting his second work of the day, reworking a door panel that he had put a piece on last year and decided to replace with this superb ‘Liquid Lights’  scene created almost entirely with Posca pens.




Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Stunning finished small-scale ‘Liquid Lights’ Tokyo scene on Brick Lane. 



The reworked door panels in Brick Lane, fantastic to see across the two panels great examples of Dan’s two core styles and subjects.


Dan also touched up this piece painted a year or so ago, which had been defaced slightly, restoring it to its previous glory.


2 comments on “New Dan Kitchener Street Art In Brick Lane

  1. LOve that no 47 door… Brilllllllllent artwork by Dan… Not sure I like these over large vivid square cars he is painting these days.. Prefer the more surreal liquid busy street stuff!

    • The door is fantastic indeed Mitch, a real treat to see it made by paint pens. What is most interesting is how Dan is continuously expanding the parameters of his Liquid Lights representations, they certainly are becoming more and more realistic..

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