‘Human Nature’ Exhibition At The Art Of Progress Gallery

Today marked the conclusion of the ‘Human Nature’ exhibition at The Art Of Progress gallery in Soho, in association with Abundance a platform devoted to supporting investments in projects that build a better world. The show marks the latest step guided by a collective of artists united by a fascination with the natural world, who have been embarking on projects since late 2014 in Leeds, Bristol and now back in London. The show sets to draw attention to the way humanity faces a huge challenge in our interaction and connection with our environment. bringing together a mixed medium exhibition with a broad range of artists from around the UK, however it was the work from practicing Street Artists that we were most interested in.


Work by Louis Masai, with our favourite pieces from the exhibition, with a trio of painting featuring patchwork Hammerhead Sharks. Louis Masai needs no introduction at this stage, with his works guided by a desire to draw attention to endangered species around the world and relentlessly working with agencies outside the Street Art realm to spread his message.


Work by Louis Masai.


Work by Louis Masai.


Detail of work by Louis Masai.


Work by Louis Masai.


Works by Walden, whose paste-ups of extinct animals can be seen regularly around Brick Lane.


Work by Walden.


Work by Jane Laurie, aka Mutiny, who paints images of endangered species showcased two delightful paintings, with this work of a Barn Owl being our favourite of the two.


Work by Mutiny.


A trio of stencil works by ATM, whose work predominantly sets to highlight the decline of bird species that populate the UK. Unfortunately due to the lighting in the gallery we couldn’t obtain any better images, of the individual works.


Work by Gage, whose works are motivated by an attempt to bring imagery of nature back to urban landscapes.


Detail of work by Gage. 


Work by Ben Wilson, who presented a series of very interesting paintings with chewing gum being his canvas of choice, influenced by his distaste for waste and rubbish, his work is intriguing and beautiful.


Work by Ben Wilson.


Work by Ben Wilson.


Work by Ben Wilson.


Work by Ben Wilson.


Work by Ben Wilson.


Work by Ben Wilson.


Work by Ben Wilson.


Work by Ben Wilson.


Work by Ben Wilson.


Work by Jonesy, one of London’s most elusive and intriguing Street Artists, whose bronze sculptures can be spied around East London, often in the most unlikely locations. For this show Jonesy was showcasing a series of bronze sculptures fitting the ethos of the show, focusing on ideas of sustainability and a connection to the natural world. 


Work by Jonesy.


Work by Jonesy.


Work by Jonesy.

4 comments on “‘Human Nature’ Exhibition At The Art Of Progress Gallery

  1. Going up the stairs to the gallery and then walking into the room was like walking into a bedroom!! I came out quickly thinking I was in someone’s flat before going back in and having a good look around. My main reason for going was to look at the bronzes by Jonesy… I would have loved to have come home with at least one!!!

    • Haha, We thought we were in the wrong place also Mitch, luckily we spied the distinctive Louis Masai works and felt at ease. It was very interesting to see the works from Jonesy as well as the pieces from Ben Wilson. An interesting show with some very impressive art, in a rather unorthodox setting.

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