New iHAD Street Art In Camden Town

On Thursday and Friday this week Swiss born, but Berlin based, Street Artist Raphael Grischa, aka iHAD (which stands for i HAVE A DREAM) laid out a lovely work in Camden Town. The work which was facilitated by The Hidden Streets Of London and Monoprixx, adorns the wall of Nemesis Tattoos in Stucley Place and features a very apt subject, drawing parallels to a subject very prominent and long established in tattoo culture.

iHAD’s broad range of styles incorporates painting, photography, graphic design and film among other types of expression to create his mixed-media creations. For this fresh work in Camden Town iHAD has created a geometric driven and colouful Koi Carp fish which takes on a tone similar to a slightly disjointed stained glass effect. The piece is certainly a delight to view and features an interesting colour palette and we here are glad that this work has brought this artists attention to us and hope he visits London again soon to share more works with us.









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