New Shok-1 ‘Dog With Bones’ Street Art In Southwark

Yesterday, London was treated to a fresh new work from one of it’s most talented resident artists, Shok-1, who laid a delightful and humorous piece somewhat of the beaten track in Borough High Street, South London. The work entitled ‘Dog With Bones’ is a part of Shok-1’s ‘X-Pop’ series which focuses on icons and symbols from popular culture, depicted in his distinct and trademark X-Ray styling. Dog With Bones’ offers up a fun twist on one of American artist and social activist Keith Haring’s iconic dog paintings from the 1980s, reflected in Shok-1’s choice of crafting the work using a classic neon 1980’s colour scheme. As is always the case with Shok-1’s work, the piece is a real sight to behold, truely a master of the spray can and in this case offering a witty take on his unique methods and subjects in this well thought out and executed tribute.











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