Street Art Activist Vermibus Brings His ‘Unveiling Beauty’ Project To London

Over the last few days German Street Art Activist Vermibus has unleashed His ‘Unveiling Beauty’ Project in London. The project has already been implemented in New York last week and will see the artist visit Paris & Milan before the months end, coinciding with the respective Fashion Weeks proceedings in each major city.

The project is set to analyse the true beauty of the individual and the manner in which such views as imposed from above by the advertising world and enforced through its constantly reinforced proliferation in the public sphere. The project involves Vermibus carrying out what he calls a series of ‘interventions’, entailing the commandeering of a public advertising platform, such as a bus stop or stand-alone light-box, and replacing the advertisement within with his art. The pieces are very subtle, something you wouldn’t necessarily notice as you pass by. For all intents and purposes the artworks from Vermibus are identical to the original advert from which he has based each work, however if you look closer you will see the models in each piece, don’t look as you would expect. The artworks set to draw attention to the way real beauty is lost and hidden to make-up and the retouching processes that are prevalent within the fashion industry. They certainly do this, the works we have seen thus far are beautiful, very intricately constructed, and in all absorbing.

For this project, set to coincide with London Fashion Week, Vermibus has chosen some impressive and well thought-out locations to implement his total of seven interventions, six of which we have been able to capture and the final piece we missed we have been fortunate that our friend M_Frenchi (@M_FRENCHI on Instagram., be sure to check out their great feed) captured and kindly shared their images with us to share with you. With works to be seen in Shoreditch, the prime hub of London Street Art, and the subsequent pieces in the West End, including outside the prestigious Harrods store, the V&A Museum and outside the Hugo Boss store in Sloane Square.


One of the first pair of works hit up on Friday night, in Shoreditch along Kingsland Road.




One of the first pair of works hit up on Friday night, in Shoreditch along Kingsland Road.



The second work, placed up on Saturday in Sloane Square, outside the Hugo Boss store.




The third installment, again presenting two pieces, placed up outside the iconic Harrods building in Knightsbridge on Sunday.





One of yesterdays two works, we failed to spy the second piece, and placed up on Cromwell Road outside the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A).





photo 1 (1)

Photo by M_Frenchi.

The final piece placed up yesterday on Cromwell Road outside the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A). Photo by M_Frenchi.

photo 2 (1)

Photo by M_Frenchi.

We would like to say a big thanks to Hookedblog for informing of this project so we could witness it and share with you. As well as a big thanks to M_Frenchi for the images of the piece we missed, as not surprisingly all of the pieces have now been removed by the advertising agencies involved and we won’t be able to get images of.

5 comments on “Street Art Activist Vermibus Brings His ‘Unveiling Beauty’ Project To London

  1. I think the 2nd piece on the Cromwell Road is on the other side. I’ve seen it on Vermibus twitter and sort of recognise the spot. And I was so close to it today. Never mind. Will try to get there later this week. They are very powerful pieces too.

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