New Gnasher Street Art In Camden Town

This week on Tuesday amid the rainfall befalling London, Norwich based Street Artist Gnasher was in Camden Town to lay out this small delightful piece, that sits so well alongside FPLO’s owl, and makes for Gnasher’s third work to be seen at current in Camden Town. It is always a pleasure to see that Gnasher has visited London, firstly as his works are excellent, offering exceptionally realistic depictions of his subjects and secondly for the sheer range of subjects which Gnasher is willing to paint, you really do never know what he will create next. For this piece Gnasher placed up a squawking crow that is full of life and appears to be calling out to passers-by of the car park in which it resides. So if you are in the area, keep your eyes peeled for this great work and until London next receives a visit from Gnasher, enjoy. This work was placed up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.





Works by Gnasher, FPLO & Senor X.


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