New Airborne Mark Street Art ‘The Dangling Origami Rat’ In Camden Town

Last Weekend we were fortunate enough to catch Airborne Mark add his newest London work to Camden Town, making for his third current work in Camden Town, all placed up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.

This work, based on freestyle sketches from Airborne Mark is entitled ‘The Dangling Origami Rat’, which tells you all you need to know about this piece, and you can see for yourself how good it looks, the work speaks for itself, a great design, thoughtfully placed and superbly executed. The shadow and fold effect Airborne Mark creates to make his works pop off the wall is always a pleasure to gaze upon and really shows how meticulous he is in his work, something we appreciate progressively with each new work we see from this artist, never one to disappoint us here at London Calling Blog.


Initial outlines down, ready to start the fun stuff.


Airborne Mark at work on Saturday.


Airborne Mark at work on Saturday.


Airborne Mark at work on Saturday.


The delightful finished ‘Dangling Origami Rat of Camden’.





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