Joel Bergner Paints The Village Underground

Well the Village Underground in Shoreditch, a wall that is always offering something new, exciting and often from artists that previously haven’t painted in London has received over the last several days its latest fresh coat of paint from US artist Joel Bergner, and what an unbelievably incredible job he has done with it indeed. This piece took some four days to create, in this time Joel Artista had two helpers in the form of Bec Dennison and Meghan O’Malley and the work has been created for Street Child United who provide a global platform for street children to be heard so that they receive the protection, support and opportunities all children deserve.

This work is just incredible from an aesthetic viewpoint and all the more so for the subject matter and message conveyed. The image features a child, composed of childlike drawings of children, reflecting a true sense of innocence, screaming through a megaphone to be heard and what comes out of the megaphone is a fantasy driven scene of animals set to a dreamlike tone, accompanied by the text ‘I May Be A child, I May Live On The Streets, But I Am Somebody’. A message that should be heard in this day and age.

There really is so much to take in when standing in front of this work, the level of detail is breathtaking, one of the highlights of 2015 and all the more so for the superb cause which it is promoting. An absolute pleasure to witness and we are fairly certain that this piece will spread the message to a fair few passers-by as you this work really does stop you in your tracks.


Work-in-progress on Day 1 of this mammoth feat.


Work-in-progress on Day 1 of this mammoth feat.


Work-in-progress on Day 1 of this mammoth feat.


Work-in-progress on Day 2..


Work-in-progress on Day 2.



The stunning finished piece.



The level of detail in this work is just absorbing.






“I Am Somebody”


A couple of passers-by offering a sense of the scale of this fantastic piece.


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