New Ant Carver & Josh Booth Work On Jealous Gallery Rooftop

The Jealous Gallery has a new piece on their roof’s feature wall as a part of the ongoing Jealous Rooftop Mural Project. This time the work is from duo Ant Carver and Josh Booth, who hit out one of their delightful colourful portraits set to background comprising a colourful undercoat which matches the fill in the portraits, but has been whitewashed over in a loose manner in order to make the colour in the faces really standout and contrast with the black outlines and hair colouring. All round a lovely work and pleasure to see such a large-scale piece from this duo of whom it is normally paste-ups which we are witness to around London, and a superb addition to the continually growing collection of works accumulating up on the Jealous Gallery Rooftop. Yet again I was fortunate enough to be let up on the roof again by the kind staff of the Jealous Gallery and capture this piece to share with you all.






The striking finished piece.






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