New Fanakapan ‘Elephants’ Work In Brick Lane

Earlier this week one of our favourite Street Artists Fanakapan was at work around Brick Lane, painting his newest and large scale mural, culminating in a good couple of days work spread out around the near constant torrential downpour that befell London this week.

Further advancing his change of direction, moving into a more monochrome approach to his helium balloon creations over the last six or so months, the fun work depicts a trio of elephants, all in different stances and facing different directions, offering the maximum opportunity to demonstrate his superb use of shadow and reflective light highlights to make the work just pop of the wall. The elephants are accompanied by a floating crown in the centre along with the addition of two superb helium balloon parrots.

It’s always a pleasure to spy work from Fanakapan, but all the more to see just how far he is developing his latest styling, with each piece just becoming increasingly realistic and always with new adaptations and variations to be seen, such as the gold highlights in this piece, adding a different glow to the work, in all leaving one wondering just where will Fanakapan take his work, just wow for this newest and charming creation an absolute pleasure to gaze upon.


Work-in-progress after a rainy start on Day 1.


Work-in-progress after a rainy start on Day 1.


The incredible finished piece. 







Detail of the delightful helium parrot.



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