New The Real Dill & Tony Boy Collaboration In Camden Town

On Saturday, in a week that had brought some seven new works to Camden Town, we were lucky enough to stumble upon The Real Dill and Tony Boy who were working on a collaborative piece, that is full of life, colour and a touch of surrealism. The pair of Street Artists, who both work in a more illustrative manor, hit up this vibrant and comical fantasy driven piece which is dominated by The Real Dill’s distinctive trademark mushrooms, punctuated with a couple of his one-eyed brain-spider characters, forming the landscape which Tony Boy’s monster character is advancing through. This bright piece has lots going on within and really creates a sense of depth through its intricacy, especially with the dripping undersides of the mushrooms by The Real Dill and in Tony Boy’s character, of which the hands really appear to be advancing out of the wall. A real pleasure to see and an excellent addition to the delightful Street Art gallery that is Hawley Mews in Camden Town. This piece was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.


Work-in-progress Saturday afternoon.


Tony Boy & The Real Dill at work Saturday afternoon.


Tony Boy & The Real Dill at work Saturday evening.


The finished piece.






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