New Jim Vision Work In The Nomadic Community Gardens

At the beginning of last week Street Artist Jim Vision set to transforming the feature wall of the Nomadic Community Gardens, following its’s recent restyling at Meeting Of Styles some six weeks back. Reworking the entire bottom half of wall, replacing the graffiti that was present with his distinct fantasy driven subjects and intricate backgrounds. At the centre of the fresh work is a Demon surrounded by Hell;s fire and whom is flanked either side by a ‘hero’ themed character set to combat the Demon. On the left the character takes on more of a more mythological fantasy direction, whilst on the right the character adopts a more sci-fi basis, both set amid a cosmic backdrop. The new additions certainly brighten up the wall, and enthuse it with a sense of story that is so prevalent in Jim Vision’s delightful works.



Work from Jim Vision along the bottom of the wall, accompanied by works from Tyme, Adno, Awore, Ekto & Zadok.







2 comments on “New Jim Vision Work In The Nomadic Community Gardens

    • Thanks Maria727, Jim Vision is so good at what he does, I’m not happy with the reflection pic due to glare on original work, fortuantely it rains alot here, so I will try and get better image.

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