New Zabou Works In London August 2015

Since we provided our last update on recent works from one of London’s most prolific Street Artists a month or so ago, we have a further four works to share with you, placed up in various locations around East and North London. We have a nice range of subjects and intentions behind these freshest works, with a more thought-provoking and sad piece ‘Gentrification’, a more touching and warm sentimentality in ‘Until Death Tear Us Apart’, countered by the humorous and playful tones of ‘Escape’ & ‘Big Kitty Attack!’. It’s never to long before Zabou is out working on some new stencil-based design and it’s always a pleasure to hunt down fresh works from this artist.


‘Escape’ – A superb tongue-in-cheek work from Zabou, depicting a few villains ‘doing a runner’ from this bar. This was placed up six weeks ago in Number 90, Hackney Wick.



‘Gentrification’ – A very fitting piece for vasts parts of London at current, but very much so with all the redevelopments occurring in Camden Town at the moment. This was placed up some four weeks ago, with support from The Real Art of Street Art.


‘Until Death Tear Us Apart’ – A rather touching piece, fueled with a sense of nostalgia for days gone by. A lovely work indeed. This was placed up a week ago in Brick Lane.





‘Big Kitty Attack!’ – This superb and again humorous piece depicts what Zabou does best, on this occasion with a very much larger than life kitten, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting people strolling past. This was placed up just two days ago.





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