New Morgazmik & Eska Work In Croydon

When we passed through Croydon on Sunday we had the opportunity to catch up with a superb collaboration from Morgazmik and Eska, making for the third piece this duo have placed up in the  Arts Quarter, that was put up over the previous couple of Sundays. The piece entitled ‘Let The Light In’ incorporates both of their distinctively geometric based styles, blending seamlessly and yet maintaining each artists signature styles. Morgazmik’s work on the left of the piece takes on a organic and fluid abstract based style that flows out of Eska’s more abstract solid block 3D reality.



Morgazmik’s half of the piece.


The centre of the piece and where the two artists’ works meet.


Eska’s half of the piece.


Detail of Eska’s half of the piece.


You can view our post on the work Eska placed up this last weekend also in Croydon’s Arts Quarter (covered here).

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