Brazilian Duo Goms & Onio Hit Camden Town

On Sunday, following the end of the three day LATA Street Culture Festival taking place at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch, two of the participating Street Artists from Brazil, Onio and Goms made a stop in Camden Town and hit up some delightful pieces with support from The Real Art of Street Art and Pigment.

Onio became a Graffiti Writer at the age of thirteen, working with a style of abstract drawings and images made from mixed spray techniques along with water base paint. His abstract and colourful works are set to depict the urban chaos he has witnessed in his native Brazil. Where as Thiago ‘Goms’, strongly influenced by Street Art from an early age, took up painting in the streets as a teenager. His anthropomorphic characters fuse into hybrid creations, with animals, typically cats, taking on a human personality. Which is very much what Goms has placed up in Camden, with a rather sombre tone about his seemingly trapped and certainly pressurized character.


Quick throw-up from Onio.


Delightful, colourful and absorbing abstract work from Onio.



Lovely abstract works from KEF! & Onio, with some stencils from Dotmasters in the middle.


Surreal and touching work from Goms.




Looking fantastic next to superb work from The Nomad Clan duo, Aylo & CBloxx. 

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