Drips & Runs Transmission Collaboration 001

On Thursday night Drips & Runs held its first public live painting event, held in the Juno Bar in Shoreditch High Street in association with the Open & Live – First Thursday events run by fellow Street Artist Jeba, resulting in Transmission Collaboration 001 (TRN:CLB:001). The talent on display consisted of four artists, all of whom we have been fortunate enough to see paint on varying occasions now, so we knew we were in for a treat and the evening certainly didn’t disappoint.

For those of you unfamiliar with the format of Drips & Runs the idea is for a group of artists to get together for a process of working their own individual styles and setting the works to tie in as a cohesive whole, free of egos this isn’t a competition or a battle, but is a basis for the creation of an organic and spontaneous collaborative mural.

This even brought together Ali Hamish, who offered up a samurai warrior as the centre piece, set amid an instantaneously recognizable tribal infused portrait from Amara Por Dios to left and a striking realistic portrait from Pang to the right. Flanking and surrounding all this are The Real Dill’s very own brand of mushroom infused illustration, which really holds the piece together, along with the flowing hair strands fro Amara’s piece. All this was accompanied by the DJ stylings of Seeds One who set the tone for the event and the filming work that you will be able to enjoy soon, resting with Bill Daggs.


Transmission live, painting begins!


The Real Dill, Amara Por Dios & Pang at work.


The Real Dill, Amara Por Dios, Ali Hamish & Pang at work.


Outlines down, and Pang at work.


Amara Por Dios, Ali Hamish & Pang at work in their special edition Drips & Run T-shirts.


Amara Por Dios, Ali Hamish, Pang & The Real Dill at work.


The piece starting to take shape and The Real Dill at work.


Pang at work.


Amara Por Dios, Ali Hamish & Pang at work.


Amara Por Dios, The Real Dill, Ali Hamish & Pang at work


Ali Hamish at work.


Pang at work.


Amara Por Dios at work.


The Real Dill, Amara Por Dios & Pang at work.




Amara Por Dios at work.


Amara Por Dios & Pang at work


Work-in-progress really coming together now.


The Real Dill & Amara Por Dios at work.


Amara Por Dios at work, offering a sense of how large and consuming the work has become on the wall.


The Real Dill adding the credits to the evening.


Pang, Ali Hamish, Amara Por Dios and The Real Dill adding the finish touches as the event reached the happy conclusion.


The superb finished wall, the pieces all in very different styles blend so well and are tied in exceptionally well.




Detail of Amara Por Dios’s feature piece.



Detail of Ali Hamish’s Samurai character.


Detail of Pang’s portrait.


Drips & Runs banner and roll-call.


Detail of one of The Real Dill’s mushrooms.


The event was certainly a success with it becoming quite the challenge to snap some pics with the increasing presence of viewers and passing admirers amid such a spectacle. It was also interesting to see two artists, Amara Por Dios and Pang working with brushes as opposed to spray cans, offering a new textured view of their works. All this took place over some four hours and it is all the more impressive to see the end result of such a short time painting. The piece is exceptional for the different styles on offer, with portraiture, character work and illustration, all so well integrated with each other through the process. As stated earlier, no egos, just painting and that is why being able to witness a Drips & Runs event is such a treat.

If you missed the event head to www.dripsandruns.com for more info and check out the highlights reel, superbly edited by Bill Daggs.

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