New Nomad Clan Work In Leake Street

On Sunday we were fortunate enough to catch Manchester based duo Aylo and CBloxx, aka The Nomad Clan, at work on a little number in Leake Street before heading home following CBloxx’s two days of work at St Paul’s Cathedral (covered here). Never missing the chance to paint whilst in London, combined with the fact they wished to use up their paint before heading up North, the duo set to lay out this ‘Snob Mob’ piece, which though lacking the time and attention this pair normally apply to their works, is very cool indeed and instantaneously recognizable as being by Nomad Clan. We absolute love the output from this talented pair and are always delighted to hear they will be London bound, so until the next time, enjoy this work.


CBloxx at work.


Aylo & CBloxx at work.


The finished work, a superb piece for the short time involved in its making.




A 10-minute throw up from CBloxx featuring her ‘Faceless Ghost Girl’.

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