New Airborne Mark Work In Shoreditch

Over the weekend we here at London Calling were fortunate enough to get the chance to witness the talented Airborne Mark at work on his latest London based Origami themed creation on some hoardings that have gone up to accompany some of the newest redevelopments in the further gentrification of the East End. The Paint Jam was dominated by a more Graffiti orientated focus however there were a few Street Artists at work and Airborne Mark for us hit out one of the standout pieces from the event with his depiction of an origami wolf. We have been fortunate enough to catch Airborne Mark at work a few times now over the last month, as he has certainly been busy around London and it’s fair to say we haven’t been disappointed with what we have seen on any occasion, he is one meticulous and highly focused artist who really does put the time and effort in to bring his creations together, For this piece the plan was to complete the piece over two days, but this dragged over into a third day due to the torrential downpours that hit London on Sunday, however in the end Shoreditch was left with a superb addition to the masses of Street Art in the area with this superb multi-coloured origami wolf, set to the artists distinctive cosmic background.


Airborne Mark early on in his work Saturday afternoon.


Cosmic background down, time to start on the hard work.


Airborne Mark at work early Saturday evening before halting for the day.


Airborne Mark at work on Monday after the torrential rain of Sunday halted the completion of the piece in the projected two day time frame.


Airborne Mark adding the finishing touches to this large-scale and intricate work Monday afternoon.


The mightily impressive finished piece.





Detail of the centre of the finished work, offering a glimpse of the great use of shading and shadow utilised by Airborne Mark to add depth to his pieces.


We really love the addition of the slash effects around the origami feature image, serving the dual purpose of aptly sitting alongside the character of choice on this occasion as well as create that torn paper effect, furthering the origami/paper emphasis of Airborne Mark’s work. 


Airborne Mark standing triumphant alongside his finished work and also offering a sense of scale to his great work.

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