New Work From KEF! In Camden Town

On our latest visit to Camden Town this week to check out some fresh work from Zabou (which we will be sharing soon) we were delighted to discover this lovely work from KEF!, put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.

KEF! is a German graffiti artist who has honed and developed his unique abstract style sighting his major influences as Nature and Buddhist philosophy. KEF! sets to create his abstract works defined by free-flowing and harmonious non-repetitive linework, creating peaceful and serene works which are just absorbing. Through the use of intricate and smooth curves KEF! sets to portray a sense of peace and positive energy through his mesmorizing and complex, yet tranquil pieces. The use of a black and white colour scheme in this piece really defines his unique style of a complex application of the simple to create a masterful organic whole, a real treat to stumble upon.




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