Drips & Runs Transmission 004

Last Saturday night we here at London Calling were privileged enough to be invited along to witness and capture some of the superb Live Painting extravaganza that is Drips and Runs. The project, which is filmed from a secret location, is the brainchild of duo Seeds One and BIll Daggs.

The atmosphere around the event was one of a somewhat low-key party vibe, with the participating artists all being in a relaxed mood that permeated the evening, punctuated by great artwork and live DJ music, on this occasion from Seeds & Wytfang, and over the course of four or so hours the magic unfolded and what was left was a superb collaborative creation.

This Transmission brought together perhaps the most diverse range of artists for the show yet, which is visible in the work produced, with grey-scale portrait painter Furia taking centre stage with his superb dominating portrait and a series of creations of all sizes punctuating the rest of the available wall space and blending seamlessly together. Elno added her own brand of distinct and touchingly haunting character work to the wall. Jask & Skeleton’s Cardboard’s distinctive characters along with Obit’s illustrations punctuated the rest of the wall space and certainly added their own dimension to the wall and helped fill in any empty spaces around Furia & Elno’s portraits. It was superb to see the casual manner in which the artists created this joint peace so harmoniously, there were no egos throughout the process, just a group of artists having fun and feeding off of each others creativity.


Furia & Elno at work not long after Transmission began.


Elno at work, sporting the Drips & Runs t-shirt.


Work-in-progress from Skeleton Cardboard & Jask.


Jask at work.


Jask, Skeleton Cardboard, Elno & Obit at work.


Work-in-progress on Elno’s feature contribution to the wall.


Obit, Elno, Furia & Jask at work.


Furia at work.


Obit & Elno at work.


Elno, Furia & Jask at work.


Furia & Elno at work.



Jask & Furia at work.


Jask, Furia & Elno at work.


Elno adding the final lines to her feature character.


Elno at work on the nearly finished wall.


Great illustration work from Obit.


Part of the finished wall with additions from Obit, Jask, Skeleton Cardboard & Elno.



Furia’s finished piece, a superb tribute to @Holmesfromthecrypt.


Elno’s finished feature piece.


Detail of Elno’s finished feature piece.


Work from Obit, Jask & Skeleton Cardboard.


Obit’s cheeky character.


Obit’s depiction of camera man Bill Daggs with Skeleton Cardboard work below.

We would like to say a BIG THANKS to the team at Drips & Runs for having us along to witness and capture some of this superb project and look forward to seeing what these guys continue to create in the future. Head to www.dripsandruns.com for more info and highlights of all previous events.

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