FPLO 1 Hour Rampage Around Brick Lane

Last Sunday around Brick Lane amidst the festivities around Meeting Of Styles Brazilian artist FPLO who had already placed up two works for the festival decided to take a break and in less than an hour hit up three works, with two pieces placed up in Pedley Street and one in Star Yard. All in all including these pieces and the two works for Meeting Of Styles FPLO hit up some nine works in London in less than a week, with four works additionally placed up in Camden Town (covered here).


Work 1 of a tribal mask in Pedley Street,


Work 2 of a Macaw in Pedley Street,



Work 3 in one of the bays in Star Yard, this piece took a mere 10 minutes to knock up.


While these works may not be as complex or depth driven as the works FPLO placed up in Camden last week, it is impressive that when short on time or just found with a few minutes to spare what FPLO can do to brighten up his surroundings.

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