New Zabou Works Around The East End

It seems like forever since we last posted works from prolific stencil based artist Zabou, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been her usual busy self, setting to claim London’s East End as her very own. In the last six or so weeks, Zabou has placed up half a dozen works, which we are sharing with you here, and a further two that despite our best efforts we haven’t been able to capture due to business hours of the shutters on which these works reside. This exceptional output is all the more impressive with the fact that Zabou has taken trips to Paris and Cyprus in the last month and has still found time to layout these delightful works around such activities.


Superb collaboration work from fellow stencil based artist Senor X, entitled ‘Fuck Painting, Let’s Get Wasted!’, to be found just off Cambridge Heath Road. 


Zabou’s classic self-portrait design, fittingly placed on the premises of a church building in Bethnal Green. This wall was put up with support from Hidden Streets Of London.




Tongue-in-cheek work from Zabou on Hackney Road.


Zabou’s work nestled between stencil based works from Senor X in the left and Otto Schade on the Right.


This touching piece, entitled ‘Wrapped in Clouds’ can be found on Brick Lane.



This is our favourite of Zabou’s recent London works, superb use of the surroundings for the piece and aptly entitled ‘Framed’. This work can be found on Hackney Road.



This cheeky work, aptly entitled ‘You Cheeky’ can be spied on Cheshire Street and represents work that is very fundamentally Zabou. 


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