The Street Art Of The Nomadic Community Gardens

Over the last couple of months a beautifully inspired community project has been born and seems to be gaining more and more momentum as the weeks pass, all through the diligent and impressive work from the 1 Love Community. By developing a system of raised vegetable beds, the project is setting to utilise unused spaces or those awaiting development in order to use this space as a place in the city for the local and diverse community to grow food, share knowledge and skills, build relations and care for their environment, all the while taking pride in their area.


Work-in-progress, the Community Garden project is really starting to take shape now, we look forward to see how it continues to develop.


The allotment set up really starting to take shape now.

In addition to this the location has offered itself up as one of the must see locations to see Street Art, offering a whole host of walls, setting to take this place to the high end of places that are essential to keep tabs on in London. We covered the Greenhouse Paint Jam held in the gardens a couple of months back which saw the area recieve its freshest incarnation as a Street Art venue (covered here), and since then a whole series of pieces have gone up and we are sharing them now ahead of the Meeting of Styles festival taking place in the 11th & 12th of July, which will see the Street Art gallery of the Nomadic Community Gardens transformed yet again.


Work from 616 with letters from Seeds One.


Characters from Andy Seize & Jim Vision.


Work from Neonita.


Graffiti from Pixie.


A section of the garden’s feature wall, containing a lengthy and well though out collaboration from Seeds One, Bill Daggs, Himbad & Tony Boy.


For this touching focal-point work the artists in question have created a piece focusing on the very nature of the project and gardens them self. The work is punctuated by Bill Daggs serene characters of young children tranquilly enjoying the scenery, accompanied by Seeds One bright and colourful letters and trademark worms character, ‘grow’. Additionally accompanied by Himbad’s dog and Tony Boy’s butterfly catcher.




Tony Boy’s contribution to the piece.


Character work from Bill Daggs.


Work from Bill Daggs.


Work from Himbad.


Work from Seeds One & Bill Daggs.


Bright and colourful work from SkyHigh.


Character work from Roo.


Colourful work spreading the ethos of the project, created by local children with some help fr


Little throw-up piece from Himbad.

2 comments on “The Street Art Of The Nomadic Community Gardens

  1. Yeah Tanya Nash it is pretty damn impressive with the momentum this project is gaining as a whole. Be sure to catch Meeting Of Styles on the 11th & 12th July if you can, it looks set to be a great weekend.

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