New Fanakapan Work For Wood Street Walls

Around the areas of Wood Street and Walthamstow, due to the work of Wood Street Walls, the Street Art is just popping up left, right and centre in an area previously devoid of such treats, and in the process has pulled in some top calibre artists, with one of the latest additions being provided by the very impressive Fanakapan, with his ‘Deflation Cresion’ work.

It is certainly in a rather unconventional location, namely the floor-level car park of the Asda in Walthamstow, however it is certainly worth the effort to visit and should hopefully not fall victim to the petty vandalism that befalls so many pieces of Street Art.

The work is some 26 metres long, as far as we are aware the boldest effort in scale from Fanakapan since starting work on his chrome helium balloon based works, and for this reason it is no wonder that Fanakapan was back and forth over a couple of weeks to complete this superb work. What’s more this time with the added dimension, as it says for itself, focusing on deflated helium balloons, superb to see just how far Fanakapan is capable of taking this styling of his, adding new dimensions along the way.


Work-in-progress a couple of weekends back, in the early stages of Fanakapan’s extensive project.


Initial outlines for the second half of this extensive piece.


First letter down, weighted with a handy paint can.


Fanakapan at work on ‘Deflation Cresion’.


The epic and impressive finished piece. It’s rather hard to get a snap of this piece in it’s entirety, but we have given it our best.  












If you look carefully at this piece you will notice that across the piece three of the characters are raised slightly higher than the rest. These characters, an E, a 1 and a reworked 7 acting as the L, comprise the post card of Walthamstow, E17, a subtle nod to the location in this incredible work.

2 comments on “New Fanakapan Work For Wood Street Walls

  1. Great post! Love the ultra realism of Fanakapan’s work. Enjoyed the photo’s of the mural through it’s different stages!

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