New Mehdi Ghadyanloo Work In East London

Whilst on his current visit to London, Iranian artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo also laid out this work, prior to the work he placed up in Dulwich last week. This work is somewhat off the regular beaten track and set up on some hoardings along the construction works occurring alongside Custom House in E16, but its certainly worth the effort. In his work Mehdi Ghadyanloo sets to forego political commentary and focuses on the dreams and imagination of people, depicted in his own blend of surreal and 3D depth-altering works. For this lengthy work Mehdi Ghadyanloo has painted a scene depicting cyclists riding alongside a series of ‘black holes’, in his trademark styling to create this delightful and subtle scene, that really has so much going on. We can’t understate how much we have loved the works from Mehdi’s two visits to London this year, the first of which marked his first time ever painting outside of his native Iran, we certainly hope he returns frequently in the future and continues to deliver such unique and flat out incredible works of the absolute highest calibre.












2 comments on “New Mehdi Ghadyanloo Work In East London

    • Thanks Maria727, in fairness an artist of Mehdi’s calibre makes the post itself. Glad you liked and rest assured when he paints again in London we will find and share it!

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