New Work From Airborne Mark For His Origami Riots EP Release

A couple of weekends back Airborne Mark was in Bethnal Green in order to lay out a stunning large scale work in order to shoot the final scenes for his music video which will be used to promote the release of his upcoming “Birth of a Rascal” Origami Riots EP on June 22nd 2015. The image which he was working from was specially designed for Airborne Mark and is based on Anti-Facial Recognition Technology. For Airborne Mark the ethos behind Origami Riots encompasses his entire life, from dress, to origami and painting as well as his love of music, in which this next step is the culmination of all these steps in the life he lives. It was a pleasure to catch Airborne Mark at work on this piece, just to see a snapshot into the extreme hard work that goes into his artwork, having spent some four hours the night before alone on drawing the grid outlines to get the proportions correct. We would like to say a big thanks to Airborne Mark for giving us the heads up on him working on this piece, and are just sorry it took us so long to get back to get decent pictures of the superb finished work and share it here.




Airborne Mark at work on day 1 on this piece.



The image from which Airborne Mark was working from.



The incredible finished work from Airborne Mark, after 3 days of very hard work.



This work was created with support from The Hidden Streets Of London.

Here is the official video for Airborne Mark’s Origami Riots release.

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