Paint Jam In Bethnal Green

On Sunday in Bethnal Green a Paint Jam took place in Paradise Row alongside and on the premises of The Craft Cocktail Company, featuring seventeen artists and put on with support from The Hidden Streets Of London, who have been transforming the local area over the last year through Street Art. Across the board the public were enjoying the festivities and beautiful weather, and the artists were without exception in fine spirits and on fine form, with several of the artists involved laying out multiple pieces throughout the day, really seeming to enjoy themselves. All in all it was a great day, with beautiful weather, great art work and delightful company, an absolute pleasure for us here to attend.


Drips & Runs duo Seeds One & Bill Daggs alongside Ali Hamish at work early on in the afternoon sunshine.


23rdkey at work on her multi-layered depth driven stencil work. The stencils were so intricately prepared.


Nathan working away like a madman on his bench, it really is a pleasure to witness the almost chaotic way this artist works to build up his images.


Ali Hamish at work on his half of the collaboration with Bill Daggs.


Bill Daggs at work on his half of the collaboration with Ali Hamish.


Himbad casually setting the foundation for his collaboration with 616.


616 & Seeds One at work.


Jarvis working on his second piece of the day.


Party in Paradise Row.


616 at work on his collaboration with Himbad.


Seeds One at work on his piece, which was just bursting with colour in the afternoon sunshine.



Classic work from The Real Dill on his bench.


Bench work from Jarvis.


Superb collaboration on this bench from Frankie Strand & Skeleton Cardboard.


Bench work in a style that is very much pure Nathan Bowen.


Colourful tribal themed work from Fane on this bench.


Appearance from Snooty on these boards.


Having finished his work on the hoardings, Seeds One was quick to paint this little number as his second piece of the day, demonstrating it doesn’t take much for a Street Artist to find a spot to paint.


Frankie Strand’s second work of the day, in which she buffed out her own work in the same spot, in order to carry on the days festivities. The flamingo goes well with Mutiny’s work just around the corner.


Incredible collaboration work from Bill Daggs & Ali Hamish. This duo really hit out one of the highlights of the day, also superb to see some character work from Bill Daggs who is more a letters man.


Detail of Ali Hamish’s superb work from the day, painted by brush.


Detail of Bill Daggs superb work from the day.


Large and colourful S from Seeds One, complimenting his work on the adjoining church, and skillfully leaving a hint of the Himbad work previously in the spot.


Intriguing collaboration from Himbad and 616, with Himbad’s creature adopting more of  a evil leech like form on this occasion.


Incredible stencil work from visiting Australian artist 23rdkey. It really is shocking to witness such impressive and detailed stencil work, in presentation and subject matter, the highlight of the event for us here at London Calling.


Work from Jarvis, Thisone, Mutiny & Kyle Holbrook.


Beautiful work from visiting US artist Kyle Holbrook, who set to paint the beautiful event happening around him. A lovely piece and excellent subject matter, great depiction of the arches, the crowd and one of the artists at work in his very own style.


Some delightful work from Mutiny, an artist fairly new to the scene and with her lovely depiction of the endangered Andean Flamingo.


Work from Thisone.


Having finished work on his bench, Jarvis set forth to add this piece over some recent work of his that had been tagged over.


Not quite done for the day, Skeleton Cardboard hit out his second work of the paint jam, this time alongside Mutiny, also laying out her second work of the day.

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