New Jimmy C Work ‘Requiem To Shoreditch’ In Brick Lane

A couple of days ago artist Jimmy C placed up this superb work in Brick Lane entitled ‘Requiem To Shoreditch’. The work is based on Mick a 70 year old man who has lived in Shoreditch his entire life, and told the artist that he has seen many changes to the area in his lifetime. Jimmy C said of the piece on Instagram “As the bricks are replaced one by one by the gleaming surfaces of the new high rise developments, much of the character and art of the area is lost through the sweeping gentrification process.” Very aptly put when one sees the current developments being made as the City centre spreads out into the East End, this is very much the case that a lot of the art and character of this area, with centuries of London’s history still visible on the streets, will sadly be lost in time. A superb work of art to illustrate the point, with this excellent deconstructed portrait.





6 comments on “New Jimmy C Work ‘Requiem To Shoreditch’ In Brick Lane

  1. Love this work, hoping & praying it’s still there when I visit next month. Great blog btw.

    • I hope it is still standing when you visit urbanshutterbuguk, feel free to email me before your visit and I will let you know some good spots to visit or where you can find specific artists of choice.

  2. It is most disappointing that a selfish individual has stolen a work designed for public enjoyment and consumption, but to be honest i am surprised it lasted as long as it did. Thanks for the update, most appreciated, even if it is under such negative circumstances.

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