New Zabou & Señor X Collaboration In Cambridge Heath

Several days back in Cambridge Heath, stencil based artists Zabou & Senor X hit out this superb collaboration, which is apparently based on a true story, along near the canal. This isn’t the first time this duo have collaborated and we don’t doubt it won’t be the last, the duo both work with a predominantly black and white scale for stencil based works, that very much makes for a good pairing for a collaboration. The work here, entitled “Fuck Painting, Let’s Get Wasted” has a rather cheeky, and perhaps little to true to life, basis, but it certainly brings a smile to the face upon viewing, and its fair to say that most people can relate with the message of this delightful work.



Zabou’s work for the piece.


Señor X’s work for the piece.


Detail of Zabou’s work.


Detail of Señor X’s work.

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