New Nomad Clan Work In Camden Town

Following their knockout work at StreetFest on Sunday, Manchester duo Nomad Clan, comprising the very talented pair of Aylo & CBloxx, decided to hang about London for a couple of extra days and treat Camden to a superb addition to the superb artwork in the area, with the support of The Real Art Of Street Art. We have been fortunate enough to witness four works from the Nomad Clan in London thus far in 2015 and this new fifth addition is our favourite, just a superb premise for a piece, and masterfully executed. Having seen some sketches of this work-to-be online, we mentioned to the duo at StreetFest how much we loved the piece and was told by the pair they were planning to make this piece at Upfest in Bristol this summer, so we were incredibly surprised to find out yesterday they decided they couldn’t wait any longer and treated London to this incredible piece. The work featuring their ‘Ghetto Snail’ strapped up carrying some of the tools of their trade, also sporting some cool tattoo designs, a new recent development in the duo’s artistic repertoire, trailing ahead of a pair of their distinctive Nomad Clan toadstools. An excellent work and absolute delight to get a bonus work from this Manchester based pair of artists, be sure to head along and see it in all its glory for yourself if you get the chance.






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