Airborne Mark At StreetFest 2015

Next up in our in focus look at some of the works from StreetFest 2015 we have the work of Airborne Mark, who creates works based on geometric backgrounds and feature images of origami based works, hand crafted before hand by Airborne Mark himself, and on this occasion featuring a depiction of an origami spider. Meticulous in his work, Airborne mark certainly laid out one of the events highlights. The shadow and fold effect he creates to make his spider pop off the wall was a pleasure to witness be constructed, and all set to a beautiful and dreamy backdrop, that made for a superb piece.


Airborne mark having laid out the proportions and initial outlines for his origami spider.


In no time at all work on the translucent flower for the spider to rest upon was taking shape.



Starting out on filling in the detail and shading on the centre figure.




The work really starting to take shape by this point.


Origami Spider this work was based on hanging out on Airborne Mark’s shoulder watching the progress.





The superb finished piece.

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