New Work From Giusi Tomasello In Bethnal Green

Yesterday in Bethnal Green Street Artist Giusi Tomasello was out working her magic on a wall provided with the support of the Hidden Streets Of London. Working with a combination of spray cans, Posca pens and paint brushes to build up her portraits, when you view the piece you are automatically drawn to the striking face and head dress, but there really is so much more to look at, we absolutely love the soft focused air brush sort of style she uses to generate an ethereal quality which fits in with her use of characters from classical mythology.

It was interesting to see Giusi work with a differant colour palette on this occasion, focusing more on green and blue, and still creating that almost regal like effect so prevalent in her work. It’s really shocking to believe this is only the fourth public wall Giusi has painted, we have been fortunate enough to see three of the four now be constructed, and on each occasion Giusi has changed focus, perspective and colour palettes to try and add a new dimension to her catalogue of works. Superb piece Guisi and thanks for your time yesterday.


Giusi’s work after laying out the initial outlines.



Tools of the trade and the image from which Giusi was working from, a painting she has recently completed and currently on display at her exhibition in Dulwich.



Working away on some of the finer details, brush in hand.



Masked up, spray can on the go.



Completing her signature, finalizing her work.


Giusi standing proud with her lovely stunning work.



The stunning finished piece, an excellent addition to the superb street art springing up in Bethnal Green of late, and another excellent work from Giusi Tomasello.





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