New Works By Himbad In The East End

Over the last week or so Street Artist Himbad has vertainly been a busy bee, with two new works in Bethnal Green laid out with the support of The Hidden Streets Of London, and a third piece he was working on today for the ‘Green House Effect’ paint jam in Spitalfields, and which we have yet to capture the finished piece. Creating his characters inspired by the ideas of the Underworld in Ancient Egyptian culture, Himbad’s works are very much his own and a delight to stumble upon, always appearing somewhat slightly mischievous wherever they may be residing.


Work laid out alongside Pyramid Oracle in Bethnal Green at the start of the week.



Love the drip style effect Himbad has been working with in his pieces of late. As well as the lovely colour of the orange eyes.


Superb and large scale work of a warthog laid out over a few days this week in Bethnal Green.



Work-in-progress from today for the ‘Green House Effect’ paint jam in Spitalfields. 


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