Pixel Pancho ‘Memory Of Our Life’ Exhibition At The StolenSpace Gallery

Italian artist Pixel Pancho’s ‘Memory Of Our Life’ exhibition is currently on at the StolenSpace Gallery, and what a show this is. For his first exhibition in London, Pixel Pancho has been given Room 2 of the StolenSpace, in which he, as the show’s leaflet states, has set to create an ‘Installation which will transport viewers into a surrealistic robotic environment.’


Pixel Pancho studied art for some 8 years, primarily at the Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia, and his work is influenced by such diverse artists as Joaquin Sorolla, which accounts for his painterly style, as well more surrealist artists including Salvador Dali. Not your archetypal street artist, with such strong roots in the more traditional fine arts, Pixel Pancho started painting on the streets while studying at college. It was here he developed his main style and theme which is to focus on the ‘humanization of the robotic form.’


His work depicts androids or cyborgs comprised of metal screws, gears and rotors, reminiscent in part to something from the sci-fi genre. Coupled with rusty exteriors Pancho’s robots are set to reflect extensions of the human bodies and the manifestation of man in trying to be gods by creating such ‘creatures’ in the first place. This exhibition features a series of paintings as well as several installation pieces, including his larger than life hand made robot Michelone’, and his beautiful Musical Carrilion, which we were lucky enough to see in action. The show is entitled ‘Memory Of Our Life’ and is focused upon the circle of life and the varying stages of our life in which we grow up, learn and make mistakes, set to be paralleled through the portrayal of his whimsical and intricate characters.


‘Robot Save The Queen’ – Acrylic & Pencil on Wood Panel.


‘Il Trapasso Deliolvido’ – Acrylic & Pencil on Wood Panel.



‘I Raccoglitori Di Rose’ – Acrylic & Pencil on Wood Panel.



‘Munotone Decisioni’ – Acrylic & Pencil on Wood Panel.




‘Tempo Di Svago’ – Acrylic & Pencil on Wood Panel.


‘Le Prime Relaxioni’ – Acrylic & Pencil on Wood Panel.




‘Michelone’ – Hand Made with Mixed Metal, Articulated Parts & Electrical Powered Bulbs.


‘Sound Of Memory’ Musical Carrillon – Hand Made with Laser Etched Wood & Musical Moving Mechanism.


‘Colunizzione’ – Acrylic & Pencil on Wood Panel.


The exhibition runs until April 12th, be sure to head along for an excellent debut exhibit in London.

4 comments on “Pixel Pancho ‘Memory Of Our Life’ Exhibition At The StolenSpace Gallery

  1. Really interesting review of the works. I found the exhibition really inspiring : blurring the lines between mechanical and organic, the soft doll like characters in his work adds warmth to the mechanical features. Love it.

  2. Pixel Pancho has probably rocketed into becoming one of my top favorite artists. Of course this list has grown significantly since I’ve began following your blog, but this artist has really captured my attention.

    After reading your post and doing some research, I realize that Pixel Pancho places a different perspective on robots, by depicting them in human form reflecting why we created them – to ease our own life and as you put it, “…man in trying to be gods…”. I love his approach and the meaning behind it. What a great post!

    • Couldn’t agree more, we only heard of him the night before we saw this exhibit, but as soon as saw the promotional material, knew we had to go and in the process he has also rocketed up the list of our favourite artists here. His work is incredible, a real treat to discover and witness. For his first London exhibit he has really left his mark and we for one can’t wait to see what he offers up in the future. Thanks for the comment and are extremely pleased you enjoyed this talented artists beautiful work.

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