Evoca1 Hits The East End

Over the last two weeks London has been lucky enough to receive a visit from Miami based, Dominican born, street artist Evoca1, over on his first visit to London and who in this time painted a collaboration piece with Italian artist Pixel Pancho on Hanbury Street, as well as his first solo wall in London, sadly defaced before virtually anyone could appreciate the full beauty of the piece. But we are not gonna let that stop us from sharing his incredible work with you anyway.


Evoca1 & Pixel Pancho collaboration on Hanbury Street.

We were fortunate enough to stumble across the delightful and laid back Evoca1 while he was quite literally finishing up his work on his collaboration with Pixel Pancho. The duo made for an excellent collaboration work. Whilst both artists employ a somewhat painterly style, their main works differ very much, yet combined here for a superb dual effort. What we liked most about this piece on Hanbury Street was that you can clearly see both artists influence and work in the piece, and that they haven’t just painted one character each, the two individual characters bare the input of each respective artist. This piece is entitled ‘Reflections’ and was designed to depict a reflection upon the struggles we endure in order to survive, the two roosters are being forced to fight, in order to live on.





The beginning stage of a work that would take Evoca1 6 days to complete by brush. Just getting his dimensions and scales right on Tuesday afternoon.


Work in progress come Thursday afternoon.




Again being very lucky, we were delighted to catch Evoca1 several times throughout the week, coming up to Shoreditch primarily to check in on this stunning work. The piece took Evoca1 some five days to get as far as he did, and you can see why, with his slow and calm brush strokes, creating an effect very akin to a water colour on the wall, he gradually but substantially brought his work to life. This piece had no title as of the last time we met Evoca1, but he told us it was inspired by “cowards, hypocrites and the Commonwealth”. 


Working away on Saturday.




P1120899The work in progress as late as we saw it, on Saturday afternoon.


The defaced work as of yesterday. Such a real shame that such effort was wasted and a real disappointment that London didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of his labour.


The work was just incredible, a real treat to witness being made and to see the very hard work involved. Such a shame that the piece was never completed, for many to enjoy. But we here at London Calling are grateful nonetheless for the opportunity to meet this delightful talent and to get to see him working along the way. The detail on the fallen horse was absolutely incredible, nothing short of brilliant. Thanks for your time Evoca1, much appreciated, we hope this result won’t perturb you from returning to London soon to paint again.

2 comments on “Evoca1 Hits The East End

  1. Such a shame the finished piece was vandalised, we are lucky that you were able to share so many pictures of the piece in progress. Evoca1 is incredibly talented and I hope to see some more of his work in London soon.

    • Yeah very disappointed to see how this piece ended. I feel lucky to see the work in progress as far as I did and more than happy to share then with all. Evoca1 is an incredible artist and we also hope this doesn’t perturbed him from revisiting London also.

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