New Paul ‘Don’ Smith Works In The East End

Prolific stencil street artist Paul ‘Don’ Smith has been at it again recently, especially on one wall in Buxton Street off of Brick Lane, where he has thus far laid out five pieces, making for a lovely set of colour and portraiture. We’ve already seen half a dozen or so of his works in the last month or two, we don’t doubt there will be many more delights to stumble across over the coming months either. Great work from Paul ‘Don’ Smith, ‘Yellow Brick Rd’ is our favourite of these recent creations.P1110814

‘Loki’s Tears’,.


Tribute to the recently deceased Leonard Nimoy in ‘Mr Spock’.


‘Nestorudi Mila’.


Judy Garland in ‘Yellow Brick Rd’.


Tribute to Heath Ledger.



Paul ‘Don’ Smith ‘s Bob Hoskins in ‘Mona Lisa’ put up a couple of weeks ago on Great Easter Street, accompanying his tribute to the Mona Lisa painting.

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