New Lapiztola Stencil Piece in Brick Lane

Mexican duo Rosario Martinez Llaguno & Roberto Vega Jimenez, members of the Mexican art collective Lapiztola Stencil based in Oaxaca, whose show Democracia Real Ya is currently on at the Rich Mix Complex on Bethnal Green Road, laid down one of their superb stencil pieces in the car park on Brick Lane yesterday afternoon. Having seen the fine pieces on display in their small exhibition it is a real treat to witness a piece of their work actually on the street. It’s certainly a striking piece, we can’t say we fully appreciate the meaning behind the piece, nonetheless we love the work,








You can view my review of Democracia Real Ya (covered here). The exhibition lasts until 28th February so be sure to head along while you can to see their great stencil works.

2 comments on “New Lapiztola Stencil Piece in Brick Lane

  1. This particular piece caught my eye. LaPiztola’s background is largely represented by symbolism based on Mexico’s problems including political, social, and environmental issues.
    After doing some research, I found that this stencil is an actual photo that was taken in Oaxaca. Interesting, right?  This particular piece symbolizes freedom.
    The little girl, her arm contains “Union y Fuerza” which translates to Unity & Strength. The key elements to liberating the struggle of the people. I zoomed up the image and noticed she has a bird with the word “Libre” or Free. The bird is a symbol often used by LaPiztola to represent the liberation of its people, which is no surprise it was displayed here as well.
    I love the tattoo gun. Freedom of expression. 
    On the pig, it is written “Viva La Vida” or Long Live Life (can also be translated to “Hurray For Life”). Though, I can’t quite connect the two, I did find a video of this same image being painted on a wall of a restaurant. The image there however, contained the Eye of Providence – God watching over humankind. Sealed the piece for me.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing!

    • I also forgot to mention that LaPiztola has a 3rd member who happens to be an architect – Yankel Balderas…may explain the addition of the hexagon’s. Very nice touch I would say.

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