New Zabou Street Art around East London

Next up we are taking a look at a pair of beautiful works placed up in the latter of 2022 by street artist Zabou. Certianly one of the best portrait artists out there and one of the busiest, Zabou is constantly somewhere new painting increasingly large-scale artworks here, there and everywhere. So it was a real treat to have this pair of additions to London’s streets this year, with one solo striking portrait in her trademark photo-realistic grey-scale styling painted in Hoxton and a recent collaboration with street artist Jimmy C placed up in Spitalfields. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are treated to fresh works from this incredibly talented artist in our city.


Work in Cremer Street, Hoxton.





Work by Jimmy x Zabou in New Goulston Street, Spitalfields.


Detail of work by Jimmy C.


Detail of work by Zabou.


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